Our departments

Accounts Payable Team

We are a team of open minded, skilled professionals focused on providing the highest quality service for both internal and external customers of SBD. Our main responsibilities: invoice processing, supplier communication and various AP related query resolution. We cooperate with GL, Treasury, MDM Teams and provide a support for Controllership/Business.

Accounts Receivable Team

Team of 8 employees dealing with Cash Allocation activities covering Central and Western Europe. Working on highly standardized and automated processes, Team effectively deals with daily incomes maintaining high productivity and the same time being a great support for the local Credit Control and Collection Teams.

Commercial Customer Service

Customer Service department for Poland, Baltic and Balkan countries. Responsible for “order to cash” process for brands: Stanley, DeWalt, Black&Decker, Facom, Bostitch, Powers. Everyday cooperation with external customers as well as internal departments: sales, marketing, planning, transport, warehousing, finance.

Customer Service Transactional

We are a group of 20 Specialists whose goal is to satisfy internal and external clients from EMEA Region by providing customer service in terms of speed and quality of purchase order entry. We believe that smart goals, standardized procedures, optimized solutions and effective communication determine our success.

Human Resources

“Human resources” are our people, who we support in strategic processes like: recruitment, job appraisals, development, coaching & career paths


Group of skilled mediators focused to maintain the body interconnectors in a mint condition. Enthusiasm and ingenuity harnessed in order to shape constant flow (invoices) from the hub (DC/plant) to spokes (sales organizations).

General Ledger

We are a 30 – persons team responsible for the accounting processes of the CDYI and IAR division. We are divided into 5 geographical division providing services to more than 20 European countries. Just to give you an overall impression – each month we book something like 17 thousand journal entry lines, which gives ca 600 lines per person – impressive!

Integration Team

The Integration Team organizes and supervises the transition to shared services (SSC) of back office processes (procure to pay, record to report, treasury, cash management, master data) for business units located in Europe. This process includes scope out of the entity, site visits, job shadowing, process documentation, project and change management, training and support of the shared services team in Warsaw Poland.

Inventory & Distribution

Team of highly dedicated surgeons taking constant care of the very heart of European tools business. Skills and experience coupled to pump the blood (materials)without much resistance (variances, other costs) into vital organs (sales organizations).


IT department at Stanley Black & Decker Poland ensures technical support for internal users globally in terms of hardware and software, providing first, second and third line support services.


The great team of highly creative people with a great sense of humor and original of appearance open to new ideas and business opportunities. We are good at numbers and image projects as well. Our main goal is to create positive relationships with the stakeholders, so our products are high on the wish list of Customers.

MDM (Master Data Management)

If you run a business you deal with all kinds of data. If you deal with data you need a Team that can handle this. If you want to have a Team that can handle this, Master Data Management is a response. SBD MDM Team is a group of 10 employees being responsible for the data in our systems to be accurate. Divided into 3 Sub Teams: Product, Vendor and Customer we make sure the key processes in our Organization run without disruptions.


Well-chosen team of people, with a professional approach to work and effective in operation. We are good at doing business in both traditional and modern sales channel. Our main goal is to sell (selling) brands on the market, so our products can be found in the basement of DIYer as well in the workshop of Profis.

Travel and Expense Team

We provide our services to the Internal Customer being all employees of SBD across Europe. The Team is constantly growing and is being formed by the skilled and open minded professionals. Our responsibilities are: expense report processing, corporate credit cards administration, employee communication including participation in the implementation of the T&E new system.

Cash & Bank

Banks, Cash Flow, Cash Pool, Direct Debits, Standing Orders, Payments, Bank Statements and…fun, this is just to give you a bit of flavor about SSC Cash & Bank. Team of 11 employees making sure our Cash Flow is optimized and all banking transactions are executed on time, maintaining high level of credibility in the eyes of our Suppliers.